Thursday, March 24, 2011

I shed many tears

I shed many tears -
when cherry blossom withers -
and a cruel cold comes
#haiku #Japan

Image: White on White (by AJ Brustein)
I've been to a few castles in Japan, but my two favorite are the black one in Matsumoto (松本城) and the white one in Aizu Wakamatsu. This castle is sometimes called Tsuruga Castle (鶴ヶ城) and sometimes Wakamatsu Castle (若松城). But anyway, I think this white castle looks best in white - what a cool castle.


  1. I love the combined sound of the last three words.

  2. Hmmm - only one problem with this haiku, the seasons are wrong. Cherry blossoms (being a spring flower) wither before summer, not winter.